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OCTOBER 18—23, 2014
Imagine sun, sand, the sound of waves from your terrace with a fresh fruit cocktail. . . Join us on this stunning retreat and celebrate your strength in tree pose beneath coconut trees, turn your perspective upside-down in headstand next to a monkey, and, while in backbend, open your heart to the warmth of the tropics. This 6-day beach yoga retreat with San Francisco teacher, Annika Williams, will build your body, open your heart, and enliven your spirit!
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Acclaimed instructor, Annika Williams’ deeply nourishing practices, balance invigorating challenge and strengthening, with healing physical transformation and restorative renewal.  Infused with echoes of her dance background, Annika’s creative & seamlessly sequenced classes inspire the joy of movement.  Her eloquent alignment instructions & knowledge of therapeutics, kinetics, & bio-mechanics, emboldens students to safely transform their bodies, establish optimal movement patterns, and increase agility, to take their practices to a new ecstatic level of freedom, coordination & strength.  Annika works for a leading physical therapy clinic in Portola Valley helping clients to rehabilitate from injuries, surgeries, & chronic pain. With over 500 hours, and two Yoga Alliance certifications in Anusara, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Dynamic Hatha, & Therapeutics, Annika’s elegant teaching style weaves transformative asana with pranayama, philosophy, music, mantra, mudra, meditation, and practices to center the mind and being.  Her joy-inspiring classes open and inspire the mind-body, heart, and spirit connection, guiding students to heal, restore, connect, expand, and awaken to Conscious Awareness, fulfillment, and peace.

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Breath Of Yoga 
Samyama Yoga Center
July, 2014 
In this workshop, we will explore how breath, "prana" ~ life force energy, can calm and center you, deepen your yoga practice, and self-regulate your nervous system, aiding greatly in the management of stress.  We will learn breathing techniques that can be used any time to bring you to your center, exploring breath to energize you, relax and ground you, as well as to enhance core support and spine stabilization during rigorous, strengthening yoga postures. We will learn the sequence of breath in Sun Salutations, "Surya Namaskara" a wonderful cardiovascular sequence present in most yoga traditions, and the "Ujay" breath, which greatly enhances the yoga practices providing us with a more deeply relaxing and centering experience with the power to bring us to a truly mindful place of conscious awareness, and a meditative space of contentment and connection to the Self. 

While we explore the essence of breath, "prana," we will also look at the postural alignment that allows the breath and energy to flow freely and harmoniously in your body, and subtle body, to create a more effortlessness experience, and less resistance in your yoga practice, and to sweetly restore your nervous system.  
Mindful alignment opens, strengthens, and develops healthy movement patterns in your body, supporting, protecting, and strengthening your joints, spine, knees, hips, wrists, and shoulders. 
Annika will teach you asana, effective abdominal exercises, use of isometrics, and specific alignment to keep the muscles and joints open and strong, providing you with techniques that will keep you safe and more agile during all physical activities. 
Yoga lengthens, opens, & strengthens the secondary & primary muscles throughout the whole body providing space, shock absorption, support, and greater range of motion for the joints and spine. This also gives the muscles a healthy, youthful elasticity and increased blood flow and oxygenation for increased agility & dexterity, as well as vibrancy and a glow of wellness. 
When muscles are tight, they can pull on our joints and spine creating misalignments and guarding patterns. Over time, misalignments shift our posture, and confuse our movement patterns, creating patterns that create resistance and tension in the body and do not serve our physical wellness, often manifesting in chronic pain, asymmetry, and injury. A consistent Yoga practice that incorporates mindful, healthy technique, can help the body find optimal posture, increased physical freedom and body awareness, coordination, and greater overall wellness. 
The same alignment that can therapeutically heal and sustain us, also gives us the wings to soar freely in our bodies to experience increased athletic ability, coordination, advanced yoga practices, and physical ease and dexterity. 
In this workshop, we will incorporate the benefits of yoga that stretch far deeper than just the body. The somatic and energetically grounding experience of moving mindfully with the deep, slow Ujay breath, to provide a healing and centering experience, giving your body, mind, heart, and whole being the gift of space to come back to your clear, content Center and Conscious Awareness, chitananda. 


Four Seasons Silicon Valley
Private Pool-side Lessons

Private Lessons

Receive a truly transformative experience to strengthen, therapeutically heal, and discover a new level of physical freedom, strength, agility, and a glow of wellness shining from within.
Receive whole-being nourishment, calming, stress management, and centering, and find a sweet inner connection to Conscious Awareness at the center of our being

  • Tuesday: 7:30 - 8:45pm Pacific Therx Fitness Center  108 Portola Rd. Portola Valley  All levels welcome, great for beginning students!
  • Wednesday: 7:30 - 9:00pm Planet Granite Sunnyvale815 Stewart Dr. Sunnyvale Levels 1 - 3 welcome! Intermediate to Advanced Pace.
  • Thursday: 7:00 - 8:15pm Pacific Therx Fitness Center108 Portola Rd, Portola ValleyAll levels welcome, great for beginning students!!
  • Saturday:10:30 - 12pm Samyama Yoga Center  2995 Middlefield Rd. Palo Alto  All levels welcome!


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