Yoga with Annika Autumn Williams R.Y.T. - Certified Yoga Instructor - Anusara-Inspired
Annika Autumn Williams R.Y.T.
Annika Autumn Williams Introduced to Yoga while studying English Literature and Dance at the University of Oregon, Annika’s spiritual journey brought this Singer, Song-writer, Poet, Dancer, and Artist of the Performing and Visual Arts, to find in Yoga a beautiful union of it all, and a path to inner harmony.
Annika teaches & practices the Anusara Universal Principles Alignment, seeing their incredibly healing benefits in her clients and students, and in herself, everyday. 
From her studies of Anusara, Dynamic Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Meditation, Music, Mantra, and Dance, a creatively sequenced, biomechanically healing, and joy-inspiring practice unfolds in her teaching.  
 Annika's classes provide a balance of challenge, strengthening vigor, and playful fun, with grounding, expanding, transformative tranquility.  
 Her classes open and inspire the mind-body, heart, and spirit.  Her graceful flowing practice offers challenge and cardiovascular strengthening through the vehicle of innovative and invigorating crescendos of Sun Salutation variations that move to the rhythm of the breath.  Her eloquent instructions make postures more accessible to all levels of students.  Her intuitive sequencing and knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics open, strengthen, and re-pattern the body, leading us to safely experience new depths and physical freedoms.  Seamless transitions inspire the bliss of movement, which Annika has always found to be a liberating medium for connecting to the joy, freedom, and essence of the authentic self within.
Known for her therapeutic work with clients, Annika works for a leading physical therapy clinic in Portola Valley & Los Altos, Pacific Therx, providing yoga therapeutic sessions & co-treatments with doctors & physical therapists to help patients rehabilitate from injuries, chronic pain, and after surgery.   Annika offers patients the healing, re-patterning benefits of optimizing Yoga alignment, hands-on adjustments, and increased mind-body understanding & connection for continued recovery, stabilization, & sustained wellness.   
Annika celebrates and delights in the unique light and beauty within everyone's being, and her classes reflect this celebration of the Self in the service of Love.   Her classes honor each person's authentic essence, inspiring self-love and opening the mind-body, heart, and spirit.
Annika's classes provide space for us to physically open, heal, restore, connect, expand, play, and awaken to our own inner peace, freedom, and empowerment. 
Her classes provide an opportunity for expansion, to go beyond the physical practice and tap into a deeper healing and harmony with ourselves and the world. 
Annika recieved her RYT, Yoga Alliance Certification, through the Avalon Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2007, where she apprenticed with Senior BKS Iyengar Certified, Ben Thomas.  She has mentored with some of the most knowledgeable & luminary instructors in the bay area including Anirudh Shastri, Dynamic Hatha of the Surya Lineage, John Berg, Vinyasa & Dynamic Hatha, and Anusara Instructors, Samantha Shakti Brown, Kenny Graham, & Sianna Sherman. Annika has apprenticed with Samantha Shakti Brown for the last 4 years, and completed a 6-month Anusara Mentorship with Kenny Graham. A well-established yoga instructor in Silicon Valley, Annika teaches for several premier yoga studios in the South bay and leads workshops and retreats.  
With 500-hours of Yoga Alliance Certification, Annika is receiving her Anusara Inspired Certification.

Annika Autumn Williams, RYT
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